Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Marcus Westbury talks about funding

yes, no art posts for some time, although there's some in the making (suuuuuure Andrew) I SWEAR. I've done two shows and have recorded nowt. I suck like ten dogs.

However, I really must draw anyone and everyone's attention to this article by Marcus Westbury. here's the basic graph, which Amrcus has made available to all and sundry under creative commons, so get it around the traps I guess.

Right click on it and view image to get a great big version.

I met Marcus a long time ago, when he was doing that whole Octapod jive, and getting This Is Not Art to tick over (with a whole bunch of other people) and he's been a pretty busy guy ever since, getting some ideas on televsion and coming up with that whole Renew Newcastle thing, which has got to be one of the most interesting innovations in Australia for a while. I believe he has even very recently become a dad. Follow the guy on Twitter, even. he can even be fun as well as being a culture activist.

Anyway, I'll just leave the article link here then come back and write about it some.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

In The Hall Of The Mountain King

Some images from my first ever solo show, In The Hall of The Mountain King.  
There's an awful lot I could say about it, and perhaps I will later, but for now, the images will do. The Mountain King himself is the large beasty at the end. The exhbition took place at Inflight, and for the opening I played creepy Tasmanian Black Metal by Striborg, the space was candle lit. 


 Ta muchly to Olivia H for taking the snaps.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Nazi Knife Exhibition

So, there's this gloriously wrongly named publication Nazi Knife. I've only ever looked at it on the web and fantasisd about the day when I would have so few bills as to be able to order some issues - maybe you could do it in the meantime. Anyway, the publication recently mounted an exhibtion in Rome which really floats my boat. I like the wrok but I also really like the location. Given my recent mild participation in the utterly fabulous Alleyway show, and the general track record I have of putting shows in strange palces, these shots made me salivate with envy and joy.  

Anyone ever want to buy me a copy of N-Knife, feel free. I'll trade art with you.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Alley Way show 'sneak preview'

This rather exciting show is on Friday 21st - and I'm a bit excited; I like things that happne in non standard ways like this.
Aedan, the indefatigable organiser has pulled it all togethr in a month and built a structure covered in tarpaulins to house it all - just for one evening.

here's a few sneaky pictures of the set up as it goes - all steam ahead for 6 pm.

Sunday, 9 May 2010


So, I have my first ever solo show, entitled In The Hall Of The Mountain King up and running. It's at INFLIGHT, a Hobart A.R.I. which can be found out the back of the old Kaos cafe on Elzabeth Street, in Hobart. Hours the gallery is opne will most likely be Wednesday though to Saturday from 1 - 5, the show opened of Friday the 7th of May and will shut on the 25th - so get in and have look.

There will be photosots for all you non-islanders.

As well as that, local decent bloke Aedan Howllet is being an art crank after my own heart and having an exhibtion in an alleyway , and yes, I'm chucking something in this one as well. Here's the poster:

I have a feeling this will be a right hoot of a show, and rather wild and woolly, which is how I like it.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

head image

A mixture of two images, created simply by feeding one peice of paper through a photocopier twice. Analog rules.